A cafe to visit with your mother: Moeders Amsterdam!

In this blog I take you to one of Amsterdams hotspots: a cafe/restaurant called Moeders. During this time of the year I am so looking forward to spring! I am thinking about the days the sun will shine more, the green will grow and flowers will pop up again. However, it is still wintertime, and it’s freezing! What we need now is a visit to a warm and ‘gezellig’ cafe. Moeders is such kind of cafe, located on the street Rozengracht in Amsterdam. Want to find out why you should visit it? Continue reading!

Why visit Moeders: the interior, the menu!
The cafe Moeders opened its doors in 1990. Back then the owner asked everyone to bring a plate, a glass and cutlery from home. This makes that the plates which are used in the cafe are a mix of plates every Dutch visitor will recognize as ’the same as we used to have at home when we were little!’. It has become an important part of the concept of the cafe. What you will notice also when you enter the cafe is the wall, which is totally filled with pictures. All these pictures are of moms, pictures guests have brought to the cafe. Later in this blog more about that!
The menu the cafe offers consists mostly of traditional Dutch dishes. If you want to taste the Dutch kitchen you should really visit Moeders! It is a populair place, so you have to make a reservation if you want to be sure you will have a table! Next to dinner Moeders offers a nice lunch, and don’t forget to ask for the apple pie!

Visit with your mother!
Moeders is the literal translation of Mothers (in case you hadn’t found out yet) and at cafe Moeders it is all about the mothers! If you get the change you should visit this cafe together with your mother on her birthday, or if your friend just got a baby, go for a visit together, since the staff of the cafe will organize a ‘special treat’ for her! What they want in return is a picture of your mother, to add to all the pictures which are already on the wall.

Where? Location and website.
Moeders is located in Amsterdam city centre on the street Rozengracht no. 251. It’s a 15 minute walk from Dam square, or you could go with tram 13 which stops nearby the cafe. For more information about the cafe, and for making a reservation visit the website!



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